I just want to say that I brag about the curriculum of Discrete Math all the time. I hope you know how much the class has shaped me and allowed me to teach mathematics in a way I have always wanted to do.
Jennifer Gwin, DMPC teacher

Though the content consists of discrete mathematics topics, the curriculum aims at developing students' mathematical ways of thinking, habits of mind or mathematical practice (in the sense of the CCSS' Standards for Mathematical Practice). This goal is inextricably linked to students' intellectual needs. Therefore, the program seeks to advance students' ways of thinking by fostering their mathematical curiosity. Because no curriculum can teach itself, the program also provides professional learning opportunities to teachers, principals, paraprofessionals, and teachers on assignment as instructional coaches in order to support the implementation and evaluation of this course. These opportunities should attend to teachers' own content and pedagogical knowledge, first and foremost. Additionally, professional development must also attend to teachers ability to hear and make use of students' thinking during instruction.

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