Sample Lessons

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Course Description

Length of course: Full Year
Subject area: Mathematics (‘C’) / Advanced Mathematics
Prerequisites: IM 2 or Algebra I and Geometry 
Grade levels: 11th, 12th

In this student-centered course, students engage in problem solving experiences that allow for productive struggle and mathematical knowledge construction. The goal of the course is to advance students’ thinking as defined by the Standards for Mathematical Practice, while Discrete Math content is used as a context in which students develop these ways of thinking. Each lesson presents students with phenomena from within Introductory: Game Theory, Graph Theory (Connectivity and Traceability), Combinatorics, Cryptography, and the Study of Sequences and Series (i.e., Functions defined explicitly or recursively over the set of natural numbers). From these experiences students will engage in many forms of mathematical reasoning, including inductive and deductive reasoning, reasoning with recursion, definitional and structural reasoning. Definitions, concepts and skills are necessitated through problem-solving. Students are responsible for defining, modeling, pattern generalizing, conjecturing and justifying. They are expected to collaborate and communicate mathematical ideas regularly in verbal and written forms. 

See below for the list of topics of study and sample lessons for this curriculum.